Abdulaziz Ahmed M A Al Hammadi
2 min readMar 2, 2021
Photo by John Jackson on Unsplash

Dave’s Body Dysmorphia

Abdulaziz Al-Hammadi

Sun, Feb 28th, 2021

At the very beginning Dave was having a normal life going to work every single day and never getting absent nor getting late to work for 1 minute. Since Dave doesn’t have many friends he barely calls any help from them, his hair at his face might hate it because he was removing it in any way possible none of them worked and the hair grew back to normal.

So then he went to the doctor to see what’s up, the doctor saw it “Neither thinner nor stronger?” Doctor asked, “No,” Dave said calmly, “Shorter or longer?” Doctor said “No” Dave said again.

The day he grew the beard

Dave as usual goes to work normally, greets his friend and goes to work, he opens up his today’s data and they were all spikey. So then his boss called him to meet at his office and he showed him the scatter chart graph and Dave is starting to imagine something scary of what he was thinking about like he could see a hand of a monster.

Dave ran into the restroom to take a break or maybe hide, but there was something in his body that he wanted to get rid of and he couldn’t. For about a moment later he goes into the assembly room to present to the people about the performance data that is happening right now and giving suggestions and when he tried to boast his speech, he had that same feeling of what happened a moment ago. Dave felt stressed and he started to grow a beard and people freak out of something that got out of control from him.

He ran back home so that he can get rid of the beard but he was too exposed, but the doctor warned him about the hormones and he was right.


I think that he was delusional because he thought monsters inside his head was real but people don’t seem to see it anywhere it’s only just him as far as they know and that’s why he assumes he’s living in an island called here surrounded by water and places like There was where he got exposed I assume and he couldn’t escape that area.

From what I think about the hair that never goes away can be a sign of protection that may help Dave to avoid monsters or can sense it nearby but people were shocked to see Dave panicking that way. I think that Dave wants to remove the hair because he doesn’t like it which maybe that’s why he ran to his house to get it shaved because it might surround the buildings and maybe can get Dave hurt but as far as I know he hates the beard on his face because he looked disgusted.