The Gigantic Beard that was Evil Review.

Abdulaziz Ahmed M A Al Hammadi
3 min readApr 19, 2021
Photo by Nonsap Visuals on Unsplash

Dear Stephen Collins

Today I want to tell you that I’ve read all of the pages on the novel and almost know all of the information about the novel called “The Gigantic Beard that was Evil.” Was I finding the cover so interesting because of how the shades are extreme when it comes to dark-ish colours and when I open the book I find the novel so intriguing, the pictures labeled to each other were so neat and organised, the settings are unsettling between HERE and THERE and the protagonist seems to know what he’s doing except that he doesn’t know the reality of the environment, but the most weirdest part was that Dave was wearing a wig, zero percent of hair on his entire head and the only hair that’s left is below his left nose whether he plucks it, shorn it, pulls it, shaves it or snips it, it will grow back same as it was 30 mins later. He then asked the doctor for help but what for? There’s a foreshadowing moment of where the doctor warned him about his hormone that will get out of control. But there’s the moment where it blew me away in Chapter 2, and in Chapter 2 there’s a part where he was all calm and he saw something like a monster on where he’s staring right at the scattered chart like a huge hand with sharp fingers wants to grab him, In the meantime he boasted towards the audience about the today’s scattered chart and the feelings are back but more intimidating than before, his beard grew so fast and so long that he no longer is getting employed for his job because of his untidiness and as well I’ve noticed in that novel that nobody and I mean NOBODY is having a beard except Dave because he’s untidy enough to keep his job. To be honest I loved that novel pretty much that it should deserve to make a movie out of it! In my opinion the beard symbolizes respect because it gives people the manpower and prestige that can gain him some respect but from what I see in the connection from Dave it is exactly the opposite of that. I think what you tried to teach us about life throughout this novel is that not all beards are evil, but sometimes they’re a symbol for religion, symbol for respect, symbol for change, etc. I want to ask plenty of questions since I’m interested about this novel.

  • I wonder what do you think of other people reacting or reading to your own novel?
  • What makes Dave so special about his beard?
  • Why were black and white designs so perfect for the novel?
  • What inspired you to make this novel?
  • What made you dedicated?
  • How did you do it?
  • How much time did it take you to do this?